Welcome! We’re WEBTORS – A modern and wise plan agency focused in on making effective, connecting with brands and vivid digital web experiences. We provide our website development services across the worldwide and situated in the city or lights Karachi, Pakistan.  We combine art, strategy, design and technology to make wonderful and useful web experiences. Our team of digital specialists realizes that all around planned websites offer considerably more than just feel and that behind each effective venture stands a solid strategy and a plainly characterized process.

With over 8 years of Webtors experience and over 800+ sent off projects, in addition to much more fulfilled clients, we’re certain to say: we know how to do it and to do it admirably.

How we do it the WEBTORS way.

1. Kick-Off Meeting

A fundamental cornerstone of our process, this gathering among our and your teams regularly endures somewhere in the range of one to three hours and permits us to get from you all the data we want to get going our cycle. In 2018 we moved to remote working which implies our openers presently occur online, however our team is cheerful all of the time to visit you in your office.

2. Digital Strategy & Discovery

Identifying what data is essential to your end-clients and fostering a decent digital strategy are the reason for every one of our activities. To accomplish that, our revelation stage permits us to start off the undertaking with the right agreement and clear meaning of what precisely should be accomplished, as well as appropriately extension and plan all expectations.

3. User Experience (UX)

Having an unmistakable and compact structure of your future website is essential. We really want to guarantee the client experience is drawing in and creative yet in addition natural. During this period of our interaction, we will work with you on organizing your substance and putting any convenience rules set by you set up.

We will wire-frame the website utilizing text and picture blocks as well as call to activities to make a model you can navigate to provide you with a thought of all the client ventures. When you are prepared to close down the wire-frame, we will continue on to the fun part – creative plan!

4. Bespoke Web Design (UI)

For each page concurred during revelation, we will plan custom formats and convey them to you as an intuitive model providing you with a genuine thought of how the website will look and act.

Every one of our plans are painstakingly made to match your image and make you stand apart from the opposition while giving your clients a drawing in and reviving experience.

5. Web Development

When the plan for all the page layouts has been closed down, we are prepared to start off the development phase of the task. Here our dev team will plunge into the code to make an interpretation of the wonderful plans into a completely responsive fabricated, involving the suitable innovation for the site. The end result will be introduced to you as a beta connection as well as admittance to the CMS will be given.

We value building lightweight websites that highlight a significant degree of artfulness through unobtrusive livelinesss, keeping the client needing to remain on the webpage longer, yet without thinking twice about usefulness and instinct.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Analytics

Every one of our websites are planned in a manner to accomplish high web search tool rankings. The CMS gives well disposed URLs, editable metadata and title labels which are utilized as the initial phase in accomplishing a high internet searcher positioning. This is the specialized SEO we set up for your webpage, which enhances your website for the creeping and ordering stage assisting web search tools with getting to, slither, decipher and record your website with no issues.

We love information at WEBTORS. For each website we send off, we make a point to set up Google Analytics to track and gauge website execution and client conduct. Our Site-care clients additionally get a customized dashboard with all the pertinent web details.

7. Final Sign Off & Go Live

When all stakeholders are happy with the site and the last QA has been played out, the eagerly awaited day has arrived – you give the last close down and we migrate the fresh out of the brand new site to domain. You can now gloat about it via social media and give a couple of kind words to our dedicated team!

Moving Forwards

After the website was live, we have an assurance time of 30 to 60 days inside which we will figure out any little bugs that might have showed up once live. Pushing ahead, we additionally offer continuous help we can give you. Our month to month Site-care bundles incorporate progressed facilitating and day by day reinforcements, apportioned development hours for little fixes and updates as well as marketing support with a committed analytics dashboard.

Interested in working with us? Call the WEBTORS on +92 334 339 9900

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