To choose the Best Web Hosting Control Panel, there are many parameters to keep in mind. The main two specialized control panels you can’t go wrong with are Plesk and cPanel. These are the same in a lot many ways, but there are few differences between them.

Plesk vs cPanel

cPanel is only ideal for Linux and Plesk can run on Windows and Linux. It has platform compatibility.

Solutions Plesk cPanel
OS compatibility Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Cloud Linux, Amazon Linux, Virtuoso Linux CentOS, Cloud Linux, or RHEL 7, or Amazon Linux
Web servers NGINX & Apache Apache
Admin panel Unified authorization for end-users and administrators There are two separate logins. One for server-side administrable tasks and the other for website management
Interface Redesigned UI with modern JavaScript technology Graphical interface
Security A lot of security features are provided from the box e.g. Plesk Firewall, Antivirus, Fail2ban Auto SSL, built-in support of CSF/ LFD, and some other useful features
Word press support Word press provides the full list of features and has scalable support cPanel does not have much scalable word press
Extensions/ Add ONS You can access more extensions and apps from the App catalogue and extension catalogue You can access apps and extensions
DBMS MySQL Server databases MySQL/MariaDB databases management
SSL Let’s Encrypt + Symantec Let’s Encrypt
Mobile accessibility Mobile app for IOS and android No mobile app
Backups Backups available like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Acronis Need to perform manually from local directory to server
Technologies Support of Docker, Node.js, WordPress Toolkit One-click HTTPS, Docker, Node. JS & Git can be still supported by cPanel

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