WordPress is the open-source content management framework. It helps effectively to create and deal with the website without realizing HTML coding. In WordPress, we can utilize a great deal of plugins effectively with liberated from cost. WordPress tool helps you to effectively create SEO Agreeable Website.
Across the board SEO and Yoast SEO are the two primary plugins utilized for SEO rehearses in WordPress Website.

Advantages of WordPress SEO

Disadvantages of WordPress SEO

About HTML Website

HTML is markup code which is used for making the web pages and web application with CSS and JavaScript. There are various kinds of labels which helps to keep up with the SEO Accommodating website.

Advantages of HTML SEO

According to the comparison, both are performing great in SEO yet HTML is somewhat better compared to the WordPress in light of the fact that WordPress contains more module establishments which influences the security and page speed of the websites. HTML contains limitless customization capacity to perform best SEO execution.

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