Manage a successful business isn’t dependent on one element however on the coordination of several devices and elements to summarize the usefulness of the business. Among every one of the elements, the biggest dependent element is the e-commerce stage for the business.

There are easily 1,000,000 e-commerce stages that offer you different fundamental to advanced features to help your virtual store. We have gathered information for a comprehensive view of the usage of e-commerce stages and the exaggerated revenue achieved through these stages.

Shockingly among the 24 million e-commerce websites, Only 1,000,000 websites generate revenue of more than $1000 every year. This indicates that not just the e-commerce business is an expanding area however there is a great deal of spec for potential development too.

We have shed light on two of the superstars of the business i.e WooCommerce and Shopify.

Percentage of Online Stores Using Woocommerce and Shopify


WooCommerce vs Shopify Industry Statistics:

As far as the market shares are concerned, WooCommerce is leading on The entire eCommerce Web and TOP 1M sites. Shopify is leading in top 10K sites and top 100K sites.


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